Signup form – Chirurgická anatomie HK pro FYZIOTERAPEUTY A ERGOTERAPEUTY - mezioborový kadaverózní kurz, December 11th 2020

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I hereby request the sending of professional training offers, namely seminars and courses organized by the Educational Center for Practical Anatomy s.r.o. Ltd., ID: 04616081, based in Brno, Bratří Čapků 4, 602 00 and to that end I hereby give my consent to processing of my personal data, including my name, surname, and email address.

I acknowledge that my personal data provided on the basis of this consent will only be processed to the extent necessary solely for the purpose of sending offers of professional seminars and courses currently organized by the Educational Center for Practical Anatomy s.r.o. (Ltd.), or sending information regarding the organization of a particular seminar or a course, of which I have expressed interest.

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I declare that I am appropriately vaccinated against diseases according to the Decree of Healthcare Ministry of the Czech Republic no. 537/2006 Coll. of 8th December 2006 – Decree on vaccinations against infectious diseases - which could be transmitted to me from biological material during the course. I commit myself to use protective aids which are specified by the course organizer. Thereby I relieve the organizer from responsibility in case of any health damage during the course.

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